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Total Integral System

Total Integral System comprises:

  1. Total Integral Essential System (Master System)
  2. Total Integral System, comprising:
  • Levels of System: comprising Fields of System per Level of System
  • Fields of System: comprising SubSystems per Field of System

Total Integral System contains Total Integral Vision of Total Integral Systemic Reality (which is Infra-Human) and All Systems either natural or created.

It contains also Total Integral Systemic Truth and resembles Total Integral Systemic Reality.

It is present inside and outside Human. It especially gives Human: Total Integral Vision of Total Integral Human Systemic Reality and Life and of All Human-created Systems.

Total Integral System provides Total Integral Active Data for all Human Life Needs and Activities in all levels and fields of life, especially in system-related area: research and development, pure sciences, applied sciences, engineering, technology, industry, manufacturing, economics, corporation, organization, management, government, security, defence, daily practice, etc.